The Subsequent Sight series is realized through the implementation of a wearable micro camera and recording mechanism that was placed on a dog. I felt this would help to capture the perspective of the dog’s world and concerns. This system supported a wireless high-resolution recording unit and a covert micro camera, weighing less than one pound. This lightweight device was housed in a wearable vest constructed almost entirely out of soft fleece and nylon fabrics that allowed the dog to comfortably carry out its daily functions.

The camera used to record the dog’s daily activities is a model that is typically used by law enforcement for undercover operations. It recorded color video at 640 x 480 resolution at 30 frames per second and transmitted its data to a durable and light-weight digital video recorder.

With the dog’s safety being of the highest priority, all materials used in the vest construction were carefully considered. All materials were sampled from pre-approved dog apparel that was purchased from local pet stores. This allowed for a completely     wireless, flexible, and comfortable risk free solution for making the dog a mobile videographer.

This system aided in illuminating a first hand account of the visual and auditory perspective of dog’s lives when we are and are not present. In order for one to understand the behavior of the dog while the owner was not present several hours of footage was taken while the owner and their respective pet spent time together.

The footage was collected from eight dogs ranging in age, size, breed, gender, and temperament. Their primary environment (indoor, outdoor, or a combination of the two) was also greatly considered.